“Thursday Throwback” Blitz

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Here is a prime example of a pure arcade style sports game. The “no Penalties” setup of this game made playing with friends a complete rush.

Here are a few features of this game that made me come back again and again.

  • Attacking the offense after the play – There was no significance to this mayhem, players never get injured and nothing is won or lost. There is just something satisfying about punishing the other teams players. Also it gives you something to do during the transition between the end of the play and the screeen to choose your next formation.
  • 60-100 Yard Receptions – If versus the AI, this is less likely. However, in 2 vs 2 mode it is too easier for a player to miss a tackle and then BOOM. You hit the Turbo and score the 5th touchdown in 3 minutes!!
  • Cheat/Secret Codes – There are a number of codes and cheats in this game that are designed not as a crutch but just as another way to screw arround and have a good time. Things like Giant Heads, Tiny Bodies, Headless team, Allow stepping out of bounds.
  • Quarterback Sneak for Instant 1st Down – Need a first down. Just cut left and run up the sideline, easy yards! Just check out the video!

This game really is not a grind or chore, just good old fashioned fun between friends. This is another example of how Nintendo 64 truely understood the joy of couch co-op.



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