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If there is one thing that Minecraft has been doing wrong from the beginning, it is alienating console owners. By limiting itself to Java-based platforms and androids, it’s essentially deluded us into thinking it’s just another game for your distant relatives and girlfriends to play when they’re not sending you Farmville requests. Thankfully, on the 9th May 2012, Minecraft will finally make a leap onto the Xbox Live Marketplace for us all to discover just how awesome it truly is.

Yes, Minecraft will see you collecting minerals, forging armor and crafting your own virtual world. However, what the Xbox 360 version plans to deliver is a four player local co-op experience that will allow you and your buddies to just hangout, construct houses together and kill all surrounding innocent wildlife – all whilst not feeling like a complete recluse. There is also the possibility of playing with up to eight other players online!

If you have ever attempted to play it by yourself on your PC, then you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. Not only does it expect you to know the ins and outs of Minecraft almost immediately, but the crafting interface is horribly bad. Thankfully, the Xbox 360 version is expected to fix where the PC version went wrong. Upon jumping into the world of Minecraft, you’ll be able to follow a tutorial that will teach you the basics and help you survive your first night in such a strange world. On top of that, you’ll also be given an updated interface that’s exclusive to the console version.

Whilst the PC version of Minecraft will allow you to turn your creativity into a work of art, it lacks the fun and social entertainment that can be had playing co-operatively on the Xbox 360. For only 1600 MSP, perhaps it’s time you take a break from fighting Russians, shooting zombies and saving the world.

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