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After a release date for Diablo III failed to be mentioned at 2011’s Blizzcon, a lot of us were left disappointed, yet thirsty for some deep, dark and bloody dungeon crawling action! Naturally, as soon as the Beta was released, I dived right into it.

Choosing from five appealing classes, the first thing you will be faced with is a difficult decision. For those of you who thrive on being able to cripple your enemies with all kinds of magic, then you’ll love the witchdoctor. This fearsome character can summon the undead to rip apart enemies, or use a selection of voodoo magic from a distance. Your other option is the good old wizard who can’t quite take a lot of damage, but boy can he dish it out in a range of explosive spells. Alternatively, you could try your hand at being the all-new Demon Hunter. Wielding a crossbow and equipped with a variety of explosives, your foes won’t stand a chance. Personally, I’ve always been a head-cracking, melee kind of guy, so I was torn between a monk with martial arts at his disposal, or the punishing barbarian. The latter ended up being my final choice, but no matter which class you choose, you’ll have a particular suite of skills and talents that are built up over time. I should probably mention that there doesn’t seem to be any attribute or skill points to spend in Diablo III. Instead, as you level-up, your attributes will increase and new skill runes will automatically unlock. The main appeal is being able to dramatically effect how a skill functions by experimenting with runes.

The game starts by throwing you into battle around the dark town of Tristram. You’ll soon notice that the inventory and HUD have a somewhat familiar feeling to them – making it much easier to get acquainted with the game. You’ll also pick up on the ever so enjoyable looting and dark atmosphere formula that Diablo is ultimately famous for. However, it’s the little things that really impress. Gold is automatically picked up instead of selecting it, health can be replenished by orbs dropped from enemies, and the quest system feels a lot smoother than before.

With so many ways to customize your character class and an incredibly flexible skill system that allows you experiment, Diablo III will allow you to easily switch your gameplay style and have you coming back for more. Of course, with the game also boasting a real money auction house, looting has never felt so important. You won’t just be able to buff up your character, you’ll even be presented with a potential way to make some real dollar!

Diablo III has been given a release date for May 15th 2012, be prepared to say goodbye to your social life as you know it!




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