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Fans of Warhawk rejoice as the upcoming follow-up is set to be released this year on the 8th May! Of course, don’t expect a game that just focuses on a vehicle multi-player experience. On the contrary, Starhawk’s single player campaign is where this game excels – think Armored Core meets Halo.

Taking control of a miner and hero known as Emmett Graves, players are thrown into a third person shooter war with the Outcasts. Whilst there are still elements of Warhawk within the game, Emmett’s ability to build structures wherever you deem fit is a fantastic way to liven up both the multi-player and campaign. From sniper towers, to hawk landing pads, with enough coin everything is at your disposal – hell, you can even set up automatic turrets to rip your enemies to pieces.

Multi-player will see you fighting in all-out war across large scale maps and taking control of giant mechs known as Hawks. Forget being limited to aerial assaults only, Hawks are able to shift from shooting missiles in the air, to ground pounding at the touch of a button. Believe me, nothing is more satisfying than reigning hell on enemies, then touching down to finish off the stragglers with more precise targeting.

Single player maps aren’t as gigantic as what is to be seen in the multi-player, but using the building mechanics to complete your mission objectives is an awesome way to progress through the game. It’s also worth noting that unlike Warhawk, you won’t be thrown into the deep end before you can swim. Instead, the single player campaign will offer you the chance to become familiar with Starhawk’s brilliant mechanics.

With one hell of a multi-player mode and a single player campaign to rival even the likes of Gears of War, Starhawk is definitely a game to look forward to. Make sure you pre-order from GameStop to automatically receive a Limited Edition copy that comes equipped with the soundtrack, two DLC’s and the PSN code for Warhawk!

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