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Worlds are being blown to smithereens. Countless innocent people are either being slaughtered or enslaved by invading ancient machines. Hooray, it means Mass Effect 3 is finally here!

Finally stepping back into the heroic boots of Commander Shepard, the stakes are high as the dreaded Reaper invasion is finally taking place. Amidst a war for the very survival of all organic life, Shepard must leave his/her home planet of Earth and once again perform diplomatic errands for the ever so oblivious Citadel council. With a prime goal of uniting all races together in a fight against the Reapers, the franchise has never felt so tense.

As you’re thrown immediately into a warzone on Earth, the first thing that can be noticed is a well polished combat system. Whilst still using the same Gears of War duck and cover formula, everything feels so much tighter. Shepard feels more agile and a new and deadly melee attack can be used to literally stick it to the enemy. Grenades have also managed to make a comeback to the series, working a lot more traditionally than how we saw in the first installment. Unfortunately, enemies can also use grenades, as well as a new feature which sees them regenerating their shields from a nearby generator.

Concerns of a total emphasis on action can be placed at ease as Mass Effect still remains to be an RPG-third person shooter hybrid. There are even more genuinely heart breaking consequences to your moral decision making and there’s plenty of opportunities to romance with crew members, converse with civilians and take on side quests.

What makes Mass Effect 3 truly spectacular is how intricately detailed everything is. Importing your save from the second game will carry over the consequences to your decision making. In doing this you open up new conversations, reflect on the deaths of certain crew members and carry on your own unique path. Cutting out all of the punishingly tedious elements of Mass Effect 2 also improved the quality of gameplay. NPC’s of interest are now marked on your map for easier exploring, and hacking door after door is now a thing of the past. Above all, they cut out the laborious job of scanning planets for minerals! The Normandy must have acquired an unlimited supply of Iridium or something.

Mass Effect 3 is a visually stunning and atmospheric game. As you’re desperately trying to save each planet from annihilation, total destruction can be seen in the background. Each mechanical noise of the Reapers can be heard as you fight for survival against wave after wave of enemies. Tense scenes with phenomenal acting immerse you in a setting like you’ve never seen before in a video game. Mass Effect 3 truly is one of the best action games of all time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to say it is entirely without faults. On the contrary, there are more than enough texture popping moments to take you out of such an immersive experience. You’ll also notice that aside from everyone’s favorite Turian, not a single character you worked hard to save in Mass Effect 2 permanently remains in your squad. Instead they’re simply NPC’s who e-mail you from time to time, linger around the Normandy, or temporarily fight alongside you. With that being said, it was incredibly awesome to kick things off fighting alongside Captain Anderson, as well as the chance to see Thane’s slick martial arts in action!

Overall, BioWare did an outstanding job of piecing together the finale to the series. Whilst it’s not perfect in all areas, five years of investing in such a story will see you fighting harder than ever to keep humanity alive. It’s certainly not recommended to jump into the series 3 games in, but for those of you who have already invested so much time in such a magnificent universe – you won’t be disappointed.


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