TheAmateurGamer.com is a community of gamers! We play regularly we love competition and cooperative play. This site exists to be an outlet for discussion and source of information about everything related to gaming. What will you find on this site?

  • Game Reviews – Video and Written reviews of the latest console and PC games.
  • News/Game Releases – Stay informed with the biggest stories from the gaming press.
  • Oldschool Games – Take part in a journey through past games and retro titles as we go back and play through those lost favorites.
  • Walthroughs/Guides – Find all the achievements! Complete all the quests! Tips to improve! (Coming Soon)
  • Videos – Gameplay Montages! Walkthroughs! User Submissions! Check back often to see the latest gaming videos!

Above all we’re here for a good time.

A word from the owner/editor: Hey everyone, Brian here. I would like to thank you for visiting this site and sharing some of your day with me and the contributors of theamateurgamer.com. I admit the goal for me in building this site was largely for personal reasons, both from gaining knowledge on website construction and also bringing focus and meaning to my gaming. In the years and months leading up to deciding to build a gaming website, I saw my game catalog dwindle and the amount of time I was able to actually play games had diminished. I would still keep up on new releases of some really great games but repeatedly watched them as they went by and eventually I resigned that I would never play/beat it.

“But, Hey I’m Not a Quitter!” I thought, and then came up with the idea to put myself in a position that I needed to play games and I needed to beat them. And thus this site was born. So I ask you out there to share with me in this journey. It might not always be easy. (Especially because this is my first real website.) But I promise to do everything I can to keep playing, writing and capturing video for this site. I hope to build a community of like minded amateur gamers. So leave a comment or send me an email. brian@theamateurgamer.com

Contribute to TheAmateurGamer.com! Do you like writing about games? Do you already have Videos that you would like to showcase on TheAmateurGamer.com? Then send me an email at submissions@theamateurgamer.com and tell me all about it!