“Thursday Throwback” Tony Hawk Pro Skater

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It was the game that kicked off a franchise and definitely one of my favorites. Even now as I go back and play it for the first time in years, I can’t help but get sucked in. I’ve already played this for a few hours and expect to be playing this more over the coming weeks.

There are admittedly a few additions that have come along in the later iterations of this game that are missed. Like manuals and grind balance meter, both which make it very easy to get those monster trick combos. But the lack of those features actually make this more fun in some respects. WHY? you ask, well the challenge of course!! I’ve learned how to make million point combos in the games using the grind, manual, grind combination. Going back and playing the first of the series forces me to rethink my strategy. My learned habits no longer apply.

The main points:

  • Soundtrack – I wasn’t to much in to punk rock before I first played this game. Admittedly, I really didn’t know anything. But at that age I didn’t have money, a car or much access to the Internet. So this game was eye opening! Hearing any of the songs now always brings fond memories of good old Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
  • Split Screen – The classic game modes that started it all. Graffiti, Trick Attack, and Horse. Fun times competing with friends will always beat out great graphics and story of some of today’s newer titles.
  • The Maps – I really think there is something about these maps that make this game that much better. Each stage presents its own challenges and its own “best combo” zone. As I played through the game I kept remembering all the little tricks I learned about how to best prepare for the secret tapes, or the best order in which to hit the challenges. Obviously a well thought out design.

For fans of retro-gaming this game is a must have! And if you never played it, what kind of rock have you been living under?

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