Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Review

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Last year saw an explosive battle between First Person Shooters and the end to one of the most illustrious video games of modern day. Sitting safely amongst the likes of Mario and Sonic, the Call of Duty series can rest easy knowing that it’ll be remembered ten years from now. It’s actually crazy to think that this celebrated shooter was once the struggling bottom dog that was pitted against EA’s acclaimed Medal of Honor franchise.

Of course, the days of being an underdog are over for this juggernaut series as Modern Warfare 3 now holds the largest retail release in video gaming history! The question remains though – was it really worth 1.5 million people standing out in the blistering cold for the midnight launch?

Structurally, Modern Warfare 3 is a solid game. It continues to be an adrenaline fueled corridor FPS with interactive and dramatic sequences to rival even a James Bond movie. However, the lack of innovation means we’ve all essentially paid $60 for a game that brings nothing new to the table other than a few maps.

The campaign throws players into the most unlikely, yet thrilling warzones we’ve ever seen in an FPS. From the streets of London, to the picturesque capital of France, war has broken out everywhere and it’s up to Price, Soap and new to the series Yuri, to track down Makarov and put an end to the very chaos his terrorism created. Along the way, players are also given a significant twist in the plot, with more than enough testosterone and action to keep any red blooded male glued to their television set.

Much like its predecessor, Modern Warfare 3 integrates a heart-pounding Spec Ops Mode with the same type of missions you’d come to expect. However, this time you can also co-operatively take on a survival mode and face off against wave upon wave of enemies. Earning cash for kills, you’ll progress from a pistol to heavy firepower, whilst purchasing armor and various upgrades. This is a nice little touch to the game, but can quickly get tiring after a decent score has been racked up.

As brilliant as the campaign is, people don’t buy this game for a story they’re done with in 6 hours. No, we’re all more interested in what the multiplayer has to offer! Well, if you were expecting large, camper-free maps with a handful of new features to get stuck into, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. With that being said, Infinity Ward has managed to make Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer mode a much more balanced experienced for players old and new. Kill streak perks can be obtained by collecting points instead of kills, weapons will be unlocked automatically with level ups, and no longer can players immediately go from standing to prone. The way you unlock weapon attachments and proficiencies has also been improved. Instead of allowing players to bank up points for the best gear in the game, proficiencies and attachments are unlocked by simply using the same weapon over time.

Whilst Modern Warfare 3 excels in the formula it uses, it can often feel like you’re playing an expansion pack for the 2009 release. Everything looks and feels great, but we’ve all been there and done that before. So, was it really worth a cold night outside the doors of your local video game store? Certainly not, but it will give you an edge of your seat experience that’ll have you feeling like a modern day Action Man.



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