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After several painfully horrendous superhero games, 2011 finally coughed up something worthy of our time – Batman: Arkham City. Upon swooping in with its innovative gameplay, gorgeous visuals and a streamlined Catwoman story for good measure, the Dark Knight made even the open world environments of Prototype and Assasin’s Creed look insignificant in comparison.

Batman: Arkham City’s story is set over a year after the events that took place within Arkham Asylum. The game begins with the mighty Bruce Wayne being thrown into the giant prison of Arkham City and from there it is up to your stealth and intuition to progress through the story and discover the secret behind “Protocol 10”. You will also be forced to use intellect over brute force as you utilize Batman’s very own detective skills and an array of gadgets to creatively solve problems and form battle strategies. A well designed level up system allows each of your gadgets to be upgraded, as well as unlock new exciting combos and improve armor for all playable characters.

The games graphics are absolutely fantastic and you will rarely experience any screen tearing as you glide across the dark and intricately designed Arkham City. Character models are also especially pleasing to the eye and the brilliant voice acting compliments each unique personality that the game boasts.

From the heavy handed martial arts of Batman, to the sexy yet deadly Catwoman, Arkham City grants enough variation to never tire of the well polished gameplay it has to offer. Much like its predecessor, you will also encounter a number of optional Riddler puzzles which are significantly more entertaining than in the previous game. Players can also enjoy the incredibly challenging New Game Plus Mode upon completing the main story – which is definitely no walk in the park!

Whilst playing through the main plot you will come across many of Gotham’s notorious criminals that are housed in the Arkham City prison. From a complex showdown with Mr. Freeze, to an assortment of challenges given to you by the eco-terrorist Ra’s Al Ghul, this game leaves no stone unturned for fans of the series. It is also extremely satisfying to play as Robin, watch as rival gangs compete for territory and see the twisted relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker. As if that wasn’t enough, Arkham City also provides new players with a chance to read up on each characters background and gain a deeper understanding into the very criminals they’re tracking down.

Feeling like the mysterious dark knight himself, there really is nothing more satisfying than standing boldly on the edge of a building as your cape flutters in the wind, moments before you swoop down and stealthily eliminate an unsuspecting thug. Needless to say, whether you’re solving one of the many Riddler puzzles, saving Gotham City, having a catfight with Poison Ivy or taking on waves of enemies in Challenge Mode, it’s simply impossible not to fall in love with this game! So, put down that monotonous copy of X-Men: Destiny and buy this game today.

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